Too Broke To Get A Bankruptcy Lawyer?

It does cost some money to file bankruptcy.  We lawyers  bankruptHOUSE

do not work for anything.  And the bankruptcy filing fee is $306,

and going up to $335  in June.

Now, if someone lived in the ice house in the picture, you would assume they had no money.  Probably, no debts either.  Are you too broke to file for bankruptcy?

I often get that question:


Makes sense, people who are broke, tend not to have any money.

How much I charge depends on the complexity of the case.  One size does NOT fit all.

Lots of people use tax refund money to pay for their bankruptcy case.

Some can get a gift from a relative.

You can get money from any legal source.  Like, don’t get into a criminal activity to raise funds.

Do NOT borrow it, either.  A debt incurred close to bankruptcy is presumed to be a fraud on the creditor  you got that money from.

I require fees to be paid up front, that is, before the case is filed.  Otherwise, I become a creditor, and the balance of what you owe me is discharged.

You can sell property, like stock, or take money out of a 401(k) or other types of retirement accounts.

You could borrow from your 401(k), that loan would be secured by your account, no fraud issue.


Always check the tax consequences.  And check with your bankruptcy lawyer BEFORE you do something out of the ordinary.

We make choices based on what we think is best for us.

If you can put up with creditor harassment, that is what you do.

If you can tighten your belt and save the money, you do that.

Lots of my clients can save the bankruptcy attorney fee when they stop paying the bills they will get rid of by filing bankruptcy.

It is surprising how many folks just keep paying credit cards or other bills they will be discharging.

That is just throwing money away.

Some areas of the country have legal aid, or even bankruptcy court, resources for those who really have no resources to file.  Check out those options.

If you need to file bankruptcy, there will be a way.

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