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Where Is The Mortgage Note?

April Charney made CNBC in one of the short free-for-alls the news networks pass off as entertainment these days.

Unfortunately, the person chosen for the other side of the debate about not allowing forelosures when no one can prove who owns the note, was no briefed on that issue and did not oppose that point of view, so he really was not debating April.

For a judicial explanation of this issue, the American Bankruptcy Institute has a more intellectual analysis.

Just another part of the foreclosure mess; the people transferring papers neglected to cross the “t”s and dot the “i”s.

Is this a legal technicality, allowing deadbeats to live in their homes for free?

Well, why should you be kicked out of your house by someone who  cannot prove they have a lien on your house?

It is more than a technicality.

Technicalities are rules, made for the fair and even enforcement of the laws.

The mortgage companies with all their money, should be able to keep track of their documents.

A lien on your home is a serious issue.

It is not asking too much that it be done right.

Where Is The Mortgage Note?