Daily Archives: March 14, 2009

Michigan Foreclosure Law to Change?

The state House overwhelmingly passed important changes to Michigan foreclosure law.

Normally, government imposed complications on any process are counter-productive.  That is, the politicians usually do not fix things with their interventions.

However, foreclosure is a legal process, which was created by the legislature.

Unlike many states, banks in Michigan can foreclose by publication, without any court proceeding.  The changes would make it more difficult for that to happen, would require banks to use the courts to foreclose through the court system in more cases.

This brings in a neutral party, the judge, and a forum, or place, for you to raise predatory lending or fraud or other problems that you may have with your mortgage.

Let your state Senator know how you feel about these changes.

Keeping homeowners paying on mortgages, and keeping houses from being foreclosed, further lowering home prices, creating more empty, unkept houses, is something we should all support.