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Fighting Creditors and Foreclosures in Michigan

Did you re-finance when money was easy? Have an Adjustable Rate Mortgage that re-set after the price of your home fell, so you could not re-finance again, like the mortgage broker told you you could? Now you cannot keep up with the payments?
An estimated 1 in 5 homes with mortgages have negative equity, are now worth less than what is owed on the house.

Did you take over a business that is now losing money? You take in cash, but cannot keep the bills up to date? Behind on witholding taxes for employees? State government or IRS liens and levies threatening your continued operation?

Are you facing garnishment of your wages, even though you want to pay your bills? Threatened with losing your car or truck, maybe the only way to get to work?

Have your creditors refused to work with you?

You need answers and help. That is what this site is for, a resource for you.

Bankruptcy is a process under federal law designed to help people and businesses get protection from their creditors. An important goal of bankruptcy is to give individuals with debt problems a chance for a fresh financial start. For some, bankruptcy does this be eliminating the legal obligation to pay debts. Others gain an opportunity to get current on mortgages and car loans or to pay off debts at a reduced amount. Filing bankruptcy also immediately stops most creditors from seeking to collect debts, at least until things are sorted out in the bankruptcy process.

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