Monthly Archives: March 2009

Obama’s Loan Modification

U. S. News has a good summary of the Obama housing plan that started today, though the report I had was the lines were busy. No surprise, if 7 to 9 million people can be helped.

Judicial Mortgage Modification Bill

The banker opposition to judicial mortgage modification examined in the Huffington blog. How to support the bill?  NACBA has a toll free number, what to do explained below:  NACBA has set up a toll free 877 number that can be used to reach Congressional offices directly.  Please help spread the word so that we canContinue Reading

Foreclosures, Credit Card Defaults Rise

January 2009, 50% more homeowners at least one month behind on their payments, compared to January, 2008, according to Equifax. Auto loans?  Same trend, 60 day defaults up 18.9% year over year, to 1.9% of all auto loans. Credit cards?  More of the same, missed payments up 29.5% to 4.17% of all cardholders. These statsContinue Reading

Where Is The Mortgage Note?

April Charney made CNBC in one of the short free-for-alls the news networks pass off as entertainment these days. Unfortunately, the person chosen for the other side of the debate about not allowing forelosures when no one can prove who owns the note, was no briefed on that issue and did not oppose that pointContinue Reading