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Personal Finances Then And Now

Are you better off than you were a year ago?

Record numbers of Americans are not.  Rasmussen Reports, the top polling agency, says 32% of us owe more than last year.

Not coincidentally, confidence in banks is at an all time low.

And the government doesn’t poll so well either.

With unemployment staying high, home prices not rebounding, incomes stagnant, there is no justification for owing more than last year.  That is, we do not have more equity in our homes to borrow against, and we are not making more money with which we could pay back more debt.

(image credit: dreamstime)

Seems to me there is only one conclusion:

Going Broke: How Does It Happen?

Fascinating individual story from the front lines of the economy.  How does a financial planner end up six figures underwater on his home? Yahoo Finance has the story of Carl Richards of the New York Times, a financial adviser, who had to do a short sale on his big Las Vegas home. (image from Dreamstime)