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Bankruptcy For Casey Anthony

url  Casey Anthony in the news again for filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  The media were mesmerized by her trial for murder of her own child.  She was acquitted.  She was convicted of four counts of lying to the government, but just got two of those overturned on appeal.

Her bankruptcy filing claims she has no income.  And not many assets.  Anyone filing any chapter bankruptcy must disclose all assets and all income, as well as all debts.

The defense attorney who got her off on the murder charge is down for $500,000.  Ouch.


At one point, ABC News paid Anthony $200,000 for photographs, with the money then reportedly going toward Anthony’s pricey legal defense.

Even her mother and father are listed as creditors.  And 78 others for a grand total of $800,000.

Unlike most debtors, she did not borrow most of her debt.  It was incurred for services for which she agreed to pay, services which were rendered, but she had no bucks to pay when the bill came due.

Seems to me the criminal lawyer had to suspect that bill might not get paid.

Now, the lawyer handling the appeals says they will keep fighting.  I guess he ain’t gettin’ paid either.  Not with only $1,000 of personal property listed as assets.

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