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Bankruptcy Lawyer Won’t Return Your Call?

I try to return all client, not just bankruptcy client, bankruptcyLAWYERphone

phone calls within 24 hours.  Now, what are some

reasons I might fail to do that?

In no particular order:

1.  I did not get the message.

I know, I pay good money to have my phone answered all the time, but, everyone makes mistakes.  Your bankruptcy message may have been in an email I accidentally deleted.

It may or may not have made its way to my phone.  The message taker may have recorded a wrong digit.

It happens.

So, call me again, and or send me an email to contact you.

2.  I may actually be busy for more than 24 hours.

Busy is out of reach.  Judges don’t like cell phones ringing in their courtrooms.

Sometimes, I am up north, or driving somewhere, with a bad cell, and I cannot call out.


Same as (1) above, call back, and/or email me.

3.  I already answered your question, usually by email.

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Finance A Root Canal?


Hey, if you need a root canal, you need a root canal. But how do you pay for it? A new kind of debt is showing up on bankruptcy petitions these days: financed medical procedures, like, root canals. Health insurance is getting messier than ever. We trust our doctor or dentist.  If they say weContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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