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Detroit Bankruptcy Petition Preparer

I am not an advocate of licensing of professions;  detroitBANKRUPTCYpetitionPREPARERjailed

lots of licensed lawyers no nothing of bankruptcy


However, virtually none of the Michigan bankruptcy

petition preparers properly serves their bankruptcy clients.

As illustrated by one of the Detroit Michigan bankruptcy petition preparers being sentenced to 46 month in federal prison.


You have to make lots of people very mad at you to get nailed like that.

And Derrick Hills did just that.

To top it off, he did not bother to appear for his sentencing in Detroit Federal District Court.

Don’t mess with a guy has a lifetime appointment and who can order U. S. Marshals to grab you.

Now, it might be different if this guy had not been ripping off his bankruptcy clients.

But he was.

At Hills’ trial, several debtors testified they paid cash for Hills to process their bankruptcy paperwork. All admitted they didn’t understand portions of the documents and that Hills told them to indicate it was prepared without assistance.

From The Detroit News: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20140225/METRO01/302250101#ixzz2uuZjYdAb

For reasons you would have to take up with Congress, bankruptcy law is complicated.

I go to seminars EVERY YEAR to keep informed.  I belong to several groups of bankruptcy lawyers, like the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, and the American Bankruptcy Institute to keep me up to date.

I subscribe to publications like the American Bankruptcy Law Judges Journal.

I will not take someone’s money for a case I am unfit to handle.

These bankruptcy petition preparers con people into hiring them by claiming you do NOT need a lawyer to file, and, hiring us will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Not so.  I do not charge the same for every case.

My fees are based on how much time I think it will take, how complicated the case is, among other factors.  And I have a soft heart for truly hard cases.

Not to mention the dollars lost by folks who hired petition preparers who did not properly exempt property, or messed up listing your creditors, or whatever other errors they usually make.

Hey, if the bankruptcy cases filed by the Detroit bankruptcy petition preparers were done correctly, no one would have noticed.

But, the sloppy work drew questions, and not all of the bankruptcy debtors followed the instructions to lie under oath about whether they had help.

So, don’t get conned, talk to a bankruptcy expert BEFORE you file.

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