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False Bankruptcy Papers – Your Fault, Or Your Lawyer’s?

Always read what you sign.  Especially, bankruptcy papers that IMG_1511

you are signing under penalty of perjury, under oath, to be filed

in a Federal Court.

You can try blaming your lawyer later, but you are still the one

going to jail.

I confess, I do not know who Teresa Giudice is, but, she is

trying the sue my bankruptcy lawyer route.

You will note, she still gets to serve the 15 month prison sentence for lying on her bankruptcy papers.

If you somehow get a lawyer who says “Oh, don’t worry, we don’t have to list that, or put that down.”

If the lawyer is crooked, he will say you never told him.

All the paperwork shows is that you signed false documents.

As a friend of mine says “Do you want to watch the sun come up in chunks?”

(as in through barred windows)

There is no discretion or decision making in what to list on bankruptcy schedules.

All debts means ALL DEBTS.

All property means ALL PROPERTY.

People keep telling me, oh, that – (fill in the blank) car, ring, furniture – is not worth anything.


But you still have to disclose that you own it.  Put down zero for value on the bankruptcy papers.

And the same goes for debts.

You can pay anyone you want, even after you file bankruptcy, but, you MUST disclose all your debts.

You have to reveal your complete financial situation.

Sometimes people don’t want someone to know they filed.

Well, it is neither a secret nor a confidential process.

Your bankruptcy papers are public records.  Anyone can look them up.

You know a bunch of people who have filed for bankruptcy.  They just have not told you.

Which is the right way to go.

Bankruptcy is a personal legal matter; not dinner table or water cooler conversation.

But, tell your bankruptcy lawyer EVERYTHING.

And do not sign the bankruptcy papers without reading EVERYTHING and verifying it is accurate, and, complete.



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