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Online Bankruptcy Information: Reliable?

I am stealing this topic from my friend California bankruptcy   detroitBANKRUPTCYattorney.jpg

attorney, Cathy Moran.  And, you can trust EVERYTHING she

says on her bankruptcy website.

Just like you can believe EVERYTHING I say on this site.

Google will pull up millions of blog posts and articles on bankruptcy.

Now, me, you can check that I am a member of the state Bar of Michigan, the Better Business Bureau, you can check that I am certified in consumer bankruptcy law with the American Board of Certification.

You can call me, talk to me, meet with me in one of my offices.

That is how you know I am not a dog on the internet.

There are lots of websites with debt advice, mortgage problem-forelosure avoidance advice.

Where are their brick and mortar offices?physical

Do they have ANY physical presence in your state?

Who is vouching for them?

You can find reviews of me on Avvo and other places.

Although bankruptcy law is federal, there are state law implications, as well as serious differences in local practice.

In addition, lawyers are licensed by state, so someone from out of state giving you bankruptcy advice is suspect from the start.

Don’t look around for the advice you want to hear, you can always find that.

Consult an expert.


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