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Scumbag Debt Collectors

OK, OK, the title Scumbag Debt Collectors may be redundant.  scumbagDEBTcollector

My experiences trying to hold debt collectors liable for their actions

has been, uh, uneven.

I have an $8,000 judgment for a client who was told they were coming to jail her.

But that company disappeared.

They are sneaky sons of guns, like the spider hiding in the picture on the left, waiting to trap you in their web of lies.

The scumbag debt collector seems to prefer the Buffalo, New York area.

Maybe so they can scoot to Canada if things get tough.

They open up, with a brick and mortar office that is nothing more than a post office drop, like at Mail Boxes et cetera.

Some phone lines somewhere, some robocalls, some customers, and you are in business.

The Consumer Protection Financial Bureau is after some of the worst debt collector scumbags in court.

Lots of my clients do not even owe the debt claimed by the scumbags.

From Bob Sullivan’s article:

A lawsuit against Universal Debt and Payment solutions and a host of related companies was revealed Wednesday, alleging the firm’s tactics included purchasing personal information from data brokers that operators could use to convince victims to pay debt they didn’t owe. Agents would use names like “LRS Litigation Group,” “Worldwide Requisitions,” and “Arbitration Resolution,” and tell consumers they risked jail time if they didn’t pay immediately. The claims were bolstered by operators’ citing personal information, including bank account numbers, the CFPB alleges, that had originally been obtained by payday loanlead generation websites and sold to data brokers.

Yup, none of this surprises me.

A current client was told that it did not matter that she had filed bankruptcy on the debt, that it was excepted from discharge, and, they had already spoken to her bankruptcy attorney.  And they had his right name.  And they claimed he agreed with them.

At least this client contacted me, which is what you should do, if you are getting these scumbag debt collector calls.

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