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Zombie Debt Update

Zombie debt in the news more and more.  amc_zombie_stunt

Ohio Senator Brown is feeling the heat from constituents on bogus debt harassment.

Zombie debt is like a zombie from AMC’s “The Walking Dead” in the photo.

It never dies.

You might have paid it off.

You might never have owed it.

You might have discharged it in bankruptcy.

But companies keep buying and selling such debts, until, eventually, one, or more, of them start harassing you.

Heard this call, to a client, yesterday:  “This is ——.  Your file has been referred up to me from Greenfield Consulting as that payment you made came  back.  You have until 4:30 today, or I will have to send it to Macomb County authorities.  The judge is just waiting to sign the warrant. . . . ”

All lies!

There were at least 5 calls.  Cannot trace the phone number, no record of this Greenfield Consulting.

We can sue under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  IF we can find the bad guys.

Anyway, back to the Senator:

“Everyone should have an accurate credit score and no one should be haunted by debts they don’t owe,” said Brown, Ranking Member of the Senate Banking Committee. “But too many Americans are haunted by zombie debts – debts they’ve already paid but still appear on their credit reports. Credit scores are often used for non-credit purposes, like job decisions and rental housing, compounding the problem. That’s why I’m urging federal regulators to do their part to ensure accurate and timely reporting of consumer debt information. These agencies can and must do more to ensure that buyers and sellers of debt aren’t engaging in behavior that exploits consumers.”

Well, whatever the government does will take a while.

Meantime, the bad guy zombie debt collectors are walking among us, waiting to sneak up and take a bite out of your account.

Don’t give in!


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