Bruce Wayne Bankrupt?

ruce Waye Bankrupt?  Say it ain’t so!

Last week we looked at Wayne Industries possible bankruptcy in The Dark Knight Rises.

Well, as I practice in Michigan, let’s pretend Gotham City is here in the Great Lakes State.

My memory of the flick may be fading, so I may be off on the facts.  Such as they were disclosed in the film.

James Daily discussed this topic in general on his site, Law and the Multiverse, but I will focus on

a Bruce Wayne bankruptcy in Michigan.


In the movie, the bad guys manage to trade in Bruce’s account.  Bad trades, of course, that cost him his fortune.  Arguendo.  That is lawyer Latin for, assume for purposes of this blog post.

In Michigan, when our citizens file bankruptcy, they get the choice between Michigan state exemptions, and, the federal exemptions.  Most states have opted out of the federal, restricting debtors in their state to whatever state exemptions are available.  And these vary widely.

So, if Bruce were married, and, if the debts were only in his name, and if, the mansion and bat cave were in his and his wife’s name, in Michigan, the property would be exempt as being held as tenants by the entireties.  Fancy term for husband and wife.  The policy was to protect the wife from husband’s dumb deals, so that the marital home could not be attached by his creditors.  Or, by her sole creditors.

As I always say, if we had some ham, we could make a sandwich, if we had some bread.

So, Bruce not being married, can he keep, exempt from creditors, his mansion and cave?

Let’s assume there is no mortgage.  After all, how could you appraise the Batcave?  Hard to find comps for that one.

Bruce being under age 65, cannot get the $45,000 state homestead exemption, but is limited to the $30,000 one.  Which is more than the federal exemption.

So, if Bruce is stuck in Chapter 7:  goodby mansion!

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