Do You Have A Debt Tumor?

Most of us do not like to go to the dentist to have a debt tumor

tooth pulled or have any kind of surgery and be cut up.


Because, as humans, we avoid pain.

The thing is, if we do not get that bad tooth pulled, or that growing tumor removed, we are just kicking the can down the road, and creating a problem that will cause us MUCH more pain.

Do You Have A Debt Tumor?

Are you telling yourself things will turn around in a little bit?

Your hours at work will go back up?

They will reverse that pay cut.

Somehow, your expenses will go down.

Your old job will come back.

The small business you are running will turn the corner.

Denial is not just for alcoholics and drug addicts.  Most of my clients just failed to see their situation for what it was.

That tumor gets a little bigger each day.

So, you feed it with your savings, just to keep everything going for another month.

Another 401(k) loan, just until things get better.

Maybe even withdraw some IRA money.

If you have not tapped out your relatives yet, see if you can borrow a little more from one of them.  They know you will bay them back.

The thing is, if you get that tumor removed BEFORE you do any of the above, in all likelihood you can keep the savings, and retirement money, and peace in the family.

That is a LOT of pain saved.

Get that debt checkup now, and save that painful surgery down the road.

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