I Don’t Want To File Bankruptcy, Why Talk To A Lawyer?

You talk to a bankruptcy lawyer because you do not want to end up in bankruptcy court.

You talk to a tax lawyer so you don’t get to tax court.

But, if you have to go, you are prepared.

And you do not know bankruptcy law.

You may be doing something that you think is right, that will make bankruptcy more likely.

One of my top pet peeves is that people will get bankruptcy advice from seemingly any non-lawyer.

“Well, my cousin’s ex-wife filed, and he said blah blah blah happened to her.”

And these pronouncements are accepted as 100% accurate.

You should be able to get a free phone consultation that would cover your basic questions.

Do you want a map of the minefield before you cross it, or after?

Many people are mis-informed about all the loan modification programs, and scams, out there.

Not to mention the debt settlement companies, frantically trying to pull in more victims before the law changes next month to make it harder for them to fleece people.

I get letters every week about how I am eligible to save thousands under Federal laws or programs, but call now!

Time is running out!

A knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer can tell you what offers are scams, what is possible, and, maybe, what is likely outside of bankruptcy court.

She can certainly tell you what the range of possible outcomes is in bankruptcy court.

That leaves you in the position you want to be, informed before you make your choices.

I have a potential problem case now, filed Chapter 7 for a client, who left his too expensive, underwater home, for a rented place.

Would have been easier to file before he moved, so we would have no argument from the U. S. Trustee about what expenses can be deducted.

The point is, had he consulted me months ago, planning and timing would have eliminated this issue, at no additional cost to the client.

Don’t act based on hearsay, what your friends and relatives tell you is the law, talk to an expert.

I Don’t Want To File Bankruptcy, Why Talk To A Lawyer?

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