Stopping Debt Collector Harassment And Abuse

“Is there any way to stop the debt collectors before I file bankruptcy?

I can’t stand the creditor harassment!”

I get this question all the time.

People report creditor abuse like, they told me the sheriff would come and arrest me if I did not tell them where my brother’s car was.

Creditor harassment like threatening to garnish my next check if I did not authorize my bank to make a payment by Friday.

Debt collectors getting bonuses for making the most people cry in a day?

You gotta love debt collectors like the guy and gal in the CNN stories linked to above.

Talks about how he lied to people:

“I’m sick of all the agony I put people through.”

Yeah, right.

What a conscience.

He has one week left, after 20 years.

But, hey, turns out, he is a family man!

“The money was great, and I’ve been able to support my two daughters because of

how much money I bring in.”

What a prince!

Heaping out creditor harassment on unsuspecting debtors.

I guess it would only be bad if he did something bad with the money he made off their backs.

Makes your eyes well up with tears.

I guess all the child pornography jobs in his area were full, so he had to do something

less offensive.

Oh, a woman debt collector would not be that bad, you might think.


“From making calls day and night to elderly people hard of hearing to faxing a person’s workplace about the money they owed, we had to do whatever it took. If the person we were looking for didn’t answer our calls, we were told to ask neighbors to pin notices on the person’s front door, saying to call us immediately.”

Hey, but she only stayed ten years, so I guess she is only half as bad as the male debt collector?

Well, you can see how I feel about it.

This is the answer Tony Soprana would give.

“Its all for the family.”

So what?

The ends justifies the means.

That is this debt collector’s moral philosophy, which means he has no ethics.

Filing any chapter of bankruptcy stops debt collector harassment and creditor abuse, and eforcement of the FDCPA stops some of it, whether you file bankruptcy or not.

Stopping Debt Collector Harassment And Abuse

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