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Christ’s Message For Family Finances

Render unto God that which is God’s, and unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.

So said Jesus when the elite of the time tried to trip him up with a question about a Roman coin.

I cannot find anything in the New Testament that says God will give us every material good we desire.

Some call this the cosmic bell hop God, bring me this, bring me that, I want that car, I need that house.

The Christmas story is not one of God sending his Son to earth to spread the wealth. . . of gold and diamonds and emeralds or other stuff.

Christ’s message is love your neighbor as yourself, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Well, if you lent someone money, you would want them to pay it back.

But let’s back up the truck.

Why did I borrow that money in the first place?

This time of year, to make Santa look good?

To make my kids love me?

To keep my spouse happy?

There is no older lesson than that money does not mean happiness, yet we re-learn it all the time.

Or maybe we do not learn it.

There is no merit to borrowing someone else’s money, yes, even VISA’s, to give stuff to someone.

The most valuable commodity we have, the only thing that is irreplaceable, is our time.

Give that to your children and your family this Christmas season.

Don’t borrow money to look good, to feel good about your self and what you can provide to others.

Feel good until the bills come in January, that is.

Listen to your loved ones, tell them that is what they are,  your loved ones.

And don’t spend the New Year paying off the debts of the past year.

Merry Christmas to all!

Peace to men of good will.

Christ’s Message For Family Finances