Total Money Makeover?

“Now, bankruptcy is, and should be, a last resort.”

This is not a Dave Ramsey quote from Total Money Makeover, it is something that I have been telling people for years.

Well, sometimes there is no other way out.

So, what if you have already filed bankruptcy?

Your case is over, you have your discharge, now what?

What about recovering from bankruptcy?

What about getting credit again?

How do you get your family finances on track?

Is A Total Money Makeover The Right Solution For Rebuilding After Bankruptcy?

Regardless of how I or Dave Ramsey feel, millions of Americans are filing bankruptcy each year, more all the time with our “double dip recession” (though we in Michigan missed the part between the dips).

Last month a client asked me, are there any good books or courses or ways for me to learn about family finance?

So I put out that question to my network of professionals who represent people trying to get out from under their debt loads.

Several answers came back, many of them telling me that the Dave Ramsey book is very good, the best.

So I made that recommendation to my client to learn about family finances, the right way to handle them.

Without having read it.

That did not seem right to me, so I got the book out of the library.

am up to page 114, and, I must admit, it is good.

Not only that, a lot of it applies to me.

We’ll be talking about it on these pages, you and I.  What we’ve learned about Dave, and how much of it applies in the real world.

How about you?  Have you read any of Dave Ramsey’s books?  Do you listen to his radio program?  What have you learned from him?

Just pop a comment in down below and let’s talk.

Photo credit: BenSpark (Flickr).

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3 Responses to Total Money Makeover?

  1. Hi Kurt! Dave’s book is awesome – a broad stroke for a financial makeover. But most people fresh out of bankruptcy need some real specific guidance to change the way they deal with their finances so they don’t wind up right back in debt again after bankruptcy. They also need guidance that helps them get a fresh start without feeling shame after bankruptcy.

    If you aren’t familiar with Bounce Back From Bankruptcy, check it out! Bankruptcy attorneys nationwide have recommended it for more than 15 years (it’s now in its 4th edition) as the best resource for helping consumers get back on their financial feet after bankruptcy. Even bankruptcy trustees recommend it to the lawyers that appear before them.

    Paula Langguth Ryan
    author, Bounce Back From Bankruptcy:
    A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Back on Your Financial Feet