Why Consult A Bankruptcy Lawyer?

When you do NOT want to file bankruptcy?

Because, you do not want to end up in bankruptcy court.

People need legal advice to avoid court, not just to navigate through court.

So, a bankruptcy lawyer can help you avoid court, and, if you end up there anyway, you are prepared.

If know bankruptcy law, then skip the bankruptcy lawyer consultation.

Like I say, if you know how to do the wiring in your house, skip the electrician.

You may be doing something that will make bankruptcy more likely, but you think it is right,.

People seem to have no problem getting bankruptcy advice from lawyers.

I hear:  “Well, my wife’s first husband’s second cousin filed, and she tells me blah blah blah happened in her case.”

Though people argue with what I tell them, these non-expert pronouncements are accepted as  accurate.

Most bankruptcy lawyers will give a free phone consultation that would cover the basic questions.

Do you want a guideline to the minefield before you attempt to get across it, or after the explosions?

Like bankruptcy, many people are mis-informed about all the mortgage loan modification programs, mostly scams, that are all over the airwaves.

Not to forget our favorite hustlers, those debt settlement companies, frantically trying to nail more victims before the law changes to make it more difficult for them to rip off people.

Even I get solicitations every week about how I qualify to save thousands under Federal laws or programs, but time is running ou!

An expert bankruptcy lawyer can steer you away from the scams; what the range of possible outcomes is, in and out of bankruptcy court.

This will make  you  informed before you make your choices.

Problems like leaving your home before any foreclosure, and renting a new place, then talking to a lawyer for the first time.

Hard to sell why there should be a mortgage and rent payment at the same time.

There would have no possible argument from the U. S. Trustee about what are reasonable living expenses are, with only the one mortgage payment.

And, this client is way underwater on his monthly income versus expenses.

Don’t make your decisions based on hearsay; what your friends and relatives tell you is the law, find to an expert.

Why Consult A Bankruptcy Lawyer?

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