Your Latest Facebook Friend – A Debt Collector?

I had a great reason to join Facebook.

My 16 year old daughter had joined.

I like to keep track of my children.

My use has changed over time.

I used to put something up every day, check my friends more often.

Then it happened.

A former client asked to friend me.

Well, I know, I could have started a business Facebook page.

Or just not approved him as a friend.

Or, change what I put up there, and allow clients in, which is what I did.

We should all be careful about what we post, just assume anyone can see it, including criminals who are looking for empty homes, as you report daily on your two week out of town trip.

And, Debt Collectors.

Oh, yeah.

Just say No! to that Facebook friend request from the nice looking gal whose picture you see.

Unless you want your friends and relatives contacted by a collection agency.

Think about it.

When you let someone in to your Facebook page, they can now see the tens, scores, hundreds, of friends you have.

Even find out  your assets.

Do you want your Mom to get a message that you need to call 888-DEDBEAT?

Don’t be fooled by the number of friends the nice looking girl has.

The debt collector in the Consumerist article link had 658 friends.

That means, 658 people fell for her ploy.

Or maybe some were shills.

As the sergeant always said at the end of the opening scene on Hill Street Blues:  “Hey, be careful out there?”

Your Latest Facebook Friend –  A Debt Collector?

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