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Consumer Bankruptcy Does No Good?


“In 28 years of legal practice, I have rarely seen a consumer bankruptcy do a person any good.”  so says Stephen J. Dunn of Forbes.

So, it seems Mr. Dunn thinks I (picture on left) am a clown, like, say, Groucho Marx. (picture on right.

Groucho was one of the great wits of all time, so I would be happy with that comparison.  But that ain’t what Mr. Dunn means.

His column reads like a talk radio transcript, inviting the ire of consumer bankruptcy attorneys, incurring of whose ire his post boasts of having done.

From the same article: “I have previously posted my views on consumer bankruptcies. Links appear in the left margin. Not surprisingly, the posts have drawn the ire of the consumer bankruptcy bar, that esteemed group, as undoubtedly they will object loudly to this offering.

It seems that often the only person benefitting from a consumer bankruptcy is the debtor’s attorney, collecting a fee for the proceeding. Therein lies the impetus for this post.”

Oh, please.  To call this juvenile is to overestimate Mr. Dunn’s displayed intellect.

Precise inaccuracies in his article include:

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