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But I Don’t Want To File Bankruptcy!

Almost everyone tells me this.

But I Don't Want To File Bankruptcy!
Just a nice picture 🙂

And I say, no one does!  If you want to file

bankruptcy, something is wrong with you.

You are a con man, and this is part of some

plan to rip folks off.

If you feel bad about filing bankruptcy, that is good.

That is what I tell my clients.

That means you are honest.

Which makes my job easier.

Is Filing Bankruptcy Easy?

I hate to sound like a lawyer, but, well, I am entitled.

Compared to what?

No, filing bankruptcy is not easy, sharing all of your financial information, past tax returns, pay stubs, bank account records, with a stranger.  (the bankruptcy trustee)

Answering questions about what brought you into bankruptcy court, in front of other strangers.

In a Chapter 13 payment plan bankruptcy, having the payment taken out of your check, having to pay tax refunds to the trustee, for your creditors.

None of this is fun.

But, again, compared to what?

When Is Bankruptcy the Right Choice?

When you decide that is is.

Clients ask me:  What would you do?

I answer, it ain’t my face you see when you look in the mirror.

I am looking at budgets and debts and assets, using the law to get my clients off the hook as painlessly as possible.

But it is not for me to ascribe the cost of the process, the embarassment most feel, which is voluntary, but nonetheless real.

You have to ascribe a cost to that, and, conversely, the value of ending creditor harassment.

Some kind of pain brought you into my office, caused you to pick up the phone to call a bankruptcy attorney.

Bankruptcy is a permanent solution to a host of debt problems.

It is always the client’s decision, but sometimes when folks are wavering, I ask the what plan B is.

How do you plan to deal with the creditors if you do not file bankruptcy?

If you had the money to pay them, or were willing to part with some assets to satisfy your debts, you would not be in a bankruptcy attorney’s office.

What Happens After Bankruptcy?

Lots of happy endings.

I had a former client come up to me on the street, actually, the hardware store I came out of was next to his place of business.

He was profuse in his thanks and raved about how well he was doing.

I thanked him, for I like my clients to benefit from my services.

You know people who have filed bankruptcy and benefited.  They just don’t talk about it.

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