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You work hard for your family.  You got the Michigan house you wanted, that the realtor or the builder and mortgage broker and everyone said you could afford.

Just like Joe Inhoch, our composite character.

Joe had no thought of filing bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy should be, and is, a last resort.

Joe’s financial advisor even suggested getting a bigger house.

Don’t you want an even nicer Michigan house to raise your kids in, she asked?

After all, home values only go up, you cannot lose!

And the radio and TV ads, letters, emails, phone solicitations:  get that equity out of your house, use it now!

“Interest rates have never been lower!”

“No money down!   We will give you a second mortgage at closing for the down payment!”

“We give you the payment YOU want, interest only, whatever you like!”

“125 % loan to value, we will lend you MORE than your house is worth!”

No lose, homes always rise in value, hell, you can borrow even more money later, after that value goes up enough.  Joe was even told you he would be signing an adustable rate mortgage, he was assured he could re-finance in one or two years, into a low fixed rate, or another adjustable.

Hey, interest rates only go down or stay the same.

Bigger Michigan house, more furniture to fill it up.

Maybe add a deck in the back.

You never expected a loss of income, or that mortgage payment going up, so that you could not pay the bills even though you want to do that, you do NOT want to file bankruptcy.


And he was not going to drive that same old car to that nice new house in his nice new neighborhood.  And his wife needs a new car, too.

Sorry, that trade-in is worth less than you still owe on it, but, don’t worry!

We will take it off your hands, put you behind the wheel of this new Michigan made beauty, and just roll over that debt into the new loan.

Like the MasterCard commercial says, having a bad day?  Go shopping!

“For everything else, there’s MasterCard.”

And the bill of goods they were selling worked on Joe and millions of others.

For a while.

The the impossible happened, home prices went down, then the house of cards the Wall Street bankers had created collapsed, no re-financing now.

On top of that, Joe’s pay and hours were cut.  And his wife lost that second job she took to make all the payments for all the stuff everyone said they could need, and could afford.

And now the government is taking your tax money to bail out the bad guys, and those same bad guys will not work with you on your mortgage, which you want to pay.

Work with you?   Quite likely, you cannot find someone to even talk to you.

What does Joe need?

An attorney who will listen to you and fight for his rights.

And, money back guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied with my representation on your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case, I will refund all my attorney fees.

(I may be a debt relief agency, depending on the interpretation of the latest bankruptcy laws passed by Congress.)

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  1. Being sued by North Star Acquitision. I have been sent the interrogatories and admissions for request. I am not sure how to answer them. I cannot afford a lawyer do you all offer pro bono cases to help low income people?

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