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Is Bankruptcy Scary?

Of course, when you don’t know anything about bankruptcy, or, worse, you have read inaccurate stuff online. Thanks to my friend Cathy Moran for the idea for the theme today. Filing Bankruptcy Means I Failed Well, lots of people filed bankruptcy who are considered great successes. Walt Disney and Larry King, for two. Nothing isContinue Reading

Consumer Bankruptcy Update

Bankruptcy Court

Bankruptcy Petition Preparers Bankruptcy petition preparers remind me of the Monty Python “Spam, spam, spam, . . .” song, only, SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! Another one bites the dust. We have had lots of these in Detroit, this one worked in Illinois and Missouri. EAST ST. LOUIS • A woman from St. Peters has been indicted in federalContinue Reading

Bankruptcy News

Stop borrowing! It leads to bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy follows debt as sure as night follows day. After deleveraging in the aftermath of the last U.S. recession, Americans have once again taken on record debt loads that risk holding back the world’s largest economy. Household debt outstanding — everything from mortgages to credit cards to car loans — reached $12.7 trillion in theContinue Reading

Consumer Bankruptcy Update

Consumer Bankruptcy Court

Smorgasboard this week. What the Heck Is Judicial Estoppel? What you need to know is, tell your bankruptcy lawyer EVERYTHING. Every debt, every asset, every claim you have against someone or company, whether a lawsuit has been filed yet or not. Because, you are swearing to the accuracy of your bankruptcy schedules, which are aContinue Reading

Cheaper Way To File For Bankruptcy?

The Wall Street Journal roused varied reactions with its story on a Cheaper Way To File For Bankruptcy by Katy Stech Ferek. First, I am opposed to licensing of most professions, including law. It deceives the public into believing competence exists, where it may, or may not. Take away the licensing, and consumers will have toContinue Reading

Bankruptcy As Emergency Planning

Reading Maurie Blackman, The Motley Fool, on Business Insider on the Yahoo site, Middle-class Americans are feeling a lot of financial stress and thinking about what to post on today. And how many times I write about having a budget, tracking how much you spend and earn. And it occurred to me that we planContinue Reading

Debt Worries

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Horrible story today about a New York couple who dove to their deaths from their office. Over debt problems. A broke Manhattan chiropractor and his wife jumped to their deaths from an office building Friday — leaving suicide notes describing how they “cannot live with” theirContinue Reading

Consumer Bankruptcy Update

Different consumer bankruptcy things happening. Good Consumer News The FTC caught another bad guy. This time, the Federal Trade Commission shut down an operation that collected more than $690,000 in fake debts by threatening consumers with lawsuits or arrests.  They are not the only ones using this scam. When an individual called the provided number,Continue Reading